10 New Year's Resolutions That Are Perfect for the Beach

10 New Year's Resolutions That Are Perfect for the Beach | Better Beach Rentals

A new year is almost upon us and for many of us, it's time to consider our 2019 New Year's resolutions. Many resolutions revolve around the same old themes, so we figured we would give you a few different resolutions to consider. Yup, you guessed it, we have ten great resolutions all of which involve the beach and beach related activities. Get ready for some resolutions you'll actually love doing. Here we go 2019!

Plan an Oak Island beach vacation | Better Beach Rentals

1. Plan an Oak Island beach vacation

Of course, we'll start off with the best resolution first. If you've been waiting to plan a beach vacation, then this is the year to do it. After all, there's no time like the present to enjoy a family vacation on one of the beaches that many consider the best-kept secret on the North Carolina coast. When planning your vacation make sure to book direct with Better Beach Rentals to make sure you get the best value for your money.

Learn about the local environment | Better Beach Rentals

2. Learn about the local environment

So often we take for granted something as beautiful as the beach and oceans. But the reality is, these are fragile ecosystems that we all must commit to maintaining. This year take some time with your kids to learn about the local marshes, beaches, and our ever-present ocean. Your kids will love learning something new, and you will be creating a future generation of custodians of our waterways and coastal environments. After all, we want generations to come to be able to enjoy visiting Oak Island.

 Get romantic this Valentine's Day | Better Beach Rentals

3. Get romantic this Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is not too far away. This year is the year to make it a priority to get away for a bit with your loved one. Oak Island is the perfect destination for your 2019 Valentine's getaway. If you're looking to add a little romance and a new destination this Valentine's Day, then the beach is the perfect place for you. After all, what will your loved one remember more, a boring old dinner at your local restaurant or a sunset over the Atlantic on your way to a beautiful Oak Island dinner? One of our favorite romantic spots is Island Way on the Oak Island.

eat better | Better Beach Rentals

4. Eat Better

There is no doubt that we all wish we ate better. They say you are what you eat. This resolution isn't about eating better in the traditional sense. We aren't trying to get you to eat more apples. No, instead we want you to eat better Oak Island style. What do we mean? Well, Oak Island and Southport have some amazing restaurants which, of course, specialize in fresh local seafood. However, there is also amazing ice cream shops, local pizza with ocean views, and Thai food. There is truly something for everyone so this year resolve to treat yourself to eating out better during your Oak Island beach vacation.

Try something new on the beach | Better Beach Rentals

5. Try something new on the beach 

This is the perfect year to break out of your old beach routine (not that any beach routine is a bad one) and try something new on the beach. Oak Island is loaded with awesome things to do and see, but we all know the main reason you're here is the beach.  Whether you try sea kayaking, surfing, stand up paddleboarding or even surf casting, vow to try some new adventure. If you need help planning any of these activities, don't forget that our friendly staff is here to help in any way we can.  

Find some one on one time | Better Beach Rentals

6. Find some one-on-one time

We all have busy lives. Work, friends, and family responsibilities can take so much of our time that it is easy to forget to step back and look at those who are closest to us. This year during your beach vacation make a commitment to spend some special time with your loved ones, especially the kids. Don't over think this one; kids just love spending time with their parents. So maybe a father-daughter seashell hunt or a mother-son bike ride for ice cream. It can be simple and fun. Oak Island is laid back, and there are lots of small things you can do with your loved ones that will create meaningful memories. 

Babysit a Sea Turtle| Better Beach Rentals

7. Babysit a Sea Turtle

Maybe not literally, but did you know that thousands of Sea Turtles nest on the shores of  North Carolina and many nest right here on our beautiful beaches (who can blame them) and they need our help. Each year volunteers help monitor and protect the Sea Turtle nests. These volunteers coordinate with local and state agencies to make sure that all our little visitors from the sea have the best chance of surviving those few dangerous moments of life. If you've never seen a "boil" of Sea Turtles (that is a term used when they hatch), you're in for a real treat.

Read more this summer | Better Beach Rentals

8. Read more this summer

We all love television and our favorite shows, but the beach is a special place, and few things go as well with a day on the beach as a great book. We should all be reading more, so pick out a few books, toss them in your beach bag, and resolve to read something great this year during your beach vacation. Whether it's on the porch, the beach, or on the boat, we promise the sound of the ocean and the sand in your toes is the perfect way to turn a page

Take a day trip | Better Beach Rentals

9. Take a day trip

One of the best things about a vacation is the opportunity to explore the local area you're visiting. So often though we hit the beach and repeat, and there is nothing wrong with that. In 2019 you can take a new approach and hit the beach one day and take at least one day to explore one of the many regional attractions in our area. Oak Island is a great destination on its own, but we also put you in the center of a lot of amazing destinations like Bald Head Island, Wilmington, NC., and Southport. Need help planning a day trip? Check out our previous post: Plan the perfect day trip to Bald Head Island. 

Bring the family together | Better Beach Rentals

10. Bring the family together

As time flies, it is easy to let the years pass between family gatherings. However, we can help you make sure another year doesn't pass without everyone getting together for a big family gathering. Whether you have a large or small family, we have a vacation home that will meet all of your needs. With awesome locations and great amenities, you're sure to have a great time catching up with everyone in 2019. Book direct today to ensure you get your favorite Oak Island beach vacation home.

Are you ready to make the most out of your 2019 vacation time? If so there is only one place to be, and that is Oak Island!  2019 is going to be a great year here on the NC Coast and we can't wait to help you plan your family's vacation. Give us a call today at 910-278-1147 or click the button below to begin your 2019 Oak Island adventure.

What's your favorite New Year's resolution?Leave a comment below and let us know. 
10 New Year's Resolutions That Are Perfect for the Beach | Better Beach Rentals

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