10 Things You Never Knew About the Ocean

10 Things You Never Knew About the Ocean

The world's oceans are a deep and majestic reminder of the world's natural beauty... but what do you really know about the ocean? This week we have lots of fun facts about the amazing ocean we all love so much! These are great to share with the kids or even to turn into a science lesson. One thing is for sure, the ocean will never cease to amaze and inspire us all. 

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You Are Swimming in Treasure... Literally

There is an estimated twenty million tons of gold in the ocean. You are literally swimming in gold! The problem is, it is diluted and measured in parts per trillion! Of course, if you want to find a real treasure Oak Island is easier to find and enjoy. But hey, swimming in gold is still a nice idea. 
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The Ocean Has Volcanoes

Did you know that 80 percent of the world’s volcanic eruptions happen below the ocean? There are an estimated one million volcanoes- some extinct and some very active- in the oceans today. Did you know these volcanoes can create water temperatures over 750 degrees Fahrenheit? Talk about being in HOT water! 

The Ocean Is Blue Because Of the Sun

Did you know the sun is what makes the ocean appear blue? The ocean's color is the result of the suns red and orange wavelengths being absorbed by the surface of the ocean. As the blue wavelengths penetrate the surface of the ocean deeper and deeper, it creates a blue tint. And because those wavelengths can travel further down, the ocean will tend to appear more blue the lower you go. You may wonder why a glass of water doesn't appear blue. It's because there are not enough water molecules to absorb the wavelengths like the ocean. 

You Can't Hold Your Breath This Long

Try holding your breath for over a mile!  Did you know the Mariana Trench is considered to be the deepest part of the world’s oceans? Inside of the Trench is a valley known as Challenger Deep that extends roughly seven miles (36,070 feet) below the surface.  Think about this,  Mount Everest is only 29,029 feet high! 

Jellyfish Are Really Old

According to scientists, jellyfish are the oldest multi-organ animal in the world and have existed in some form for at least 500 million years. The oldest known definitive jellyfish fossil dates back to 500 million years. WOW! 

So you may not want to be stung by one, but check out this video and see the natural beauty of one of nature's oldest creations! 

The Ocean Has a Waterfall

The Denmark Strait is a waterfall below the Atlantic Ocean that, in terms of water volume, is the equivalent of 2000 of the world’s most notable waterfalls! The water cascades an incredible 11,500 feet down. How does this happen? The water on the eastern side of the strait is colder and more dense than the warm water coming from the west. When the two waters mix, the colder supply sinks, creating a waterfall. 

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You Can't Surf This Wave

Did you know the highest wave ever recorded was 1,720 feet high. It occurred after a earthquake in Lituya Bay, Alaska in 1959.  Now that is a big wave and one you definitely can't surf! 

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Starfish Are Tough Fish

Well, they aren't actually fish, but did you know they have no blood, no brain, and can live up to 35 years?! Perhaps their coolest feature is their ability to regenerate themselves if they are injured. If a starfish loses a part it just grows right back! Now that's pretty cool. 

How Warm or Cold Is the Ocean?

The average temperature of the ocean's surface is 63 degrees. But what you may not know is just how cold the water can be. In fact, most of the water (when averaged) is actually between freezing and 38 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because the water is warmest near the surface where the sun's rays can warm it. 

The Ocean Is Huge

Did you realize that 70% of the earth is covered by oceans and seas? That's a lot of water! Of course, the best part of that 70% is found right here on Oak Island!

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10 Things You Never Knew About the Ocean

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