Tips For Packing the Perfect Beach Picnic

Tips For Packing the Perfect Beach Picnic

A day spent in the sun and waves is sure to make tummies growl. Today we will give you some of our favorite beach picnic tips, from what to pack to how to pack it. 

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Easy beach picnic foods:

Here are a few foods that we love to bring to the beach, because they are delicious, satisfying, and easy to pack: 

🍎 Fresh fruit

Fruit is the BEST snack to bring to the beach. It's hydrating, sweet, and healthy. Our favorites include grapes, berries, apples and of course, watermelon! Wash and chop everything before you head out. 

🥒  Cut veggies

For some reason, cut veggie sticks (like carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, and peppers taste better on the beach! They are crunchy, cold and super good for you. 

🥪 Sandwiches

Sandwiches are crowd-pleasers and so versatile. Keep it simple with turkey and cheese in a tortilla, or pack up some peanut butter and jelly. Wrap each sandwich separately. 

🥜 Bars & Trail Mix

Granola bars (& trail mix) are perfect when you are packing a school lunch, and they are just as great for a beach picnic. Your family may not want to slow down to eat, so throw a nutrition-packed bar their way. 

🍿 Chips & popcorn

For some reason, hanging out near the salty ocean makes us crave salty foods, too! Bring some bags of chips, popcorn, pretzels and more. Just watch out for dive-bombing seagulls! 

🍪 Goodies

Yes! Bring cookies, Twizzlers, and other goodies along on your beach picnic! You deserve a treat after struggling with that beach umbrella. 

How to pack your food:

You could just throw everything into a cooler and drag it to the beach, but here are some tips to make it easier on you (and keep your food in great shape): 

1. Try a backpack cooler (or two)

Traditional coolers are very heavy. Try a backpack cooler or one that can sling over your shoulder. 

2. Use hard-sided containers

Don't let fruit and sandwiches get squashed... pack them in plastic containers and stack 'em up. 

3. Use your water bottles as ice-packs

Freeze water bottles the night before and place in your cooler as extra "ice".

4. Pack frozen food

Freeze your fruit, cookies, and peanut butter sandwiches before packing. 

5. Keep your cooler inside

Placing cold food into a cooler that has been sitting in the sun makes no sense. Keep your cooler inside the A/C before packing! 

6. Take food out of packaging

Pre-wash fruits & veggies. Leave as much "trash" at home as possible. And bring a bag for the rest! 

7. Try an ice sheet

Try placing a flexible ice sheet on top of your food in the cooler. It can be trimmed with scissors to fit whatever shape cooler you have. 

If you choose a backpack style, you can place one on the bottom and one on top of your food. 

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Eating delicious food is one of the best parts of vacation! Enjoy your beach picnic, and don't forget to check out all of the fabulous local restaurants we have to offer on Oak Island! 

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Tips For Packing the Perfect Beach Picnic

What is your favorite food for the beach? 

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