10 Reasons the Beach is the Perfect Place for a Romantic Getaway

10 Reasons the Beach is the Perfect Place for a Romantic Getaway

Are you looking for a romantic place to spend Valentine's Day? Some places are just naturally romantic, but there's no place that lends itself to romance like the beach! There is just something special about that magical combination of water and sand that brings out the romantic in all of us. This week we have ten of the best reasons to choose a beach getaway as your next romantic destination. 

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The Beach at Night is Magic

If you've ever walked along the beach at night you know the stars seem closer, the air crisper, and the sand beneath your toes just makes you feel closer to something magical. There's a reason a lot of romantic movies have scenes on the beach at night. One could say the beach and the night are the definition of a romantic setting. 

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Dining by the Water

There are romantic dinners and then there are dinners at romantic waterside restaurants. Picture the sound of the water in the background and the moonlight reflecting off the water. Oak Island and Southport have several waterfront restaurants that are the perfect setting for your romantic getaway. 

Stress Free Is the Key

The beach has a way of washing life's stresses away. Maybe it's the steady rhythm of the waves gently colliding with the shore or maybe it's the fresh sea air. No matter what the reason is, we can probably all agree that finding romance is a little easier when we are stress free. I mean nobody has a romantic getaway at the office cafeteria! Start your romantic getaway off right with a stress free destination... Oak Island!

Plenty of Couple Friendly Events

Sure romantic dinners are great and we all love walks on the beach, but if you're the type of couple that loves adventure, then Oak Island is the perfect destination! We have kayaking, SUP, deep sea fishing, and if you're really into heart pounding adventure- you can try sky diving right here on Oak Island! Need more adventures? Check out our previous post: How to Have an Adventure Packed Oak Island Adventure.

Sunsets and Sunrises

Imagine waking up to the sun filling your room as it rises over the Atlantic Ocean. Can you feel the breeze flowing through the curtains on your oceanfront home? If there is a better way to wake up, we sure don't know what it is. The best part is the beach offers two great ways to enjoy your day. There's the glorious sunrise and those unforgettable sunsets- what a combination! 

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Oceanfront Homes Are Romantic

If you had to pick one type of home to have for a romantic getaway, we're guessing like most people you'd pick a beach home.  Lucky for you we have the best selection of romantic beach homes on Oak Island! Condos and smaller homes make for cozy couples getaways. Go ahead and take a look- we're sure we have the home you've been dreaming of. 

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Hand in Hand in the Sand

From postcards to posters, movies scenes to song lyrics, walking hand in hand on the beach is the epitome of a romantic experience, so why not bring your partner to Oak Island this Valentine's Day and take a walk hand in hand on miles of pristine beaches? 

Happy People Are Romantic People

The beach makes us happy. Everyone loves the sand and the waves. We love the laid back dress code and the easy going nature of the local community. It's easy to be happy on Oak Island and when your happy, it's a lot easier to tap into the romantic side of life.

You're Surrounded by Beauty

If you've never been to Oak Island, you're in for a treat! We don't mean to brag, but our little part of the world is one of the most naturally beautiful areas you'll ever visit. Of course, a lot of other's think the same with several movies and televisions shows having been filmed in and around Oak Island. From natural estuaries to breathtaking waterways, we think you'll fall in love with Oak Island. 

The Ocean Loves Romance

Okay, so we aren't really sure what the ocean is thinking, but it seems like it loves romantic getaways! A romantic boat ride to Bald Head Island for the day is a great romantic activity that the ocean is a part of. There is sailing, boating, and of course, all of those other adventures on the water that we love. The fact is the ocean is part of life here and it flows in our blood. Maybe a little time near the ocean is exactly what you need for your next Valentines' Day getaway! 

Have you booked your 2020 romantic beach getaway yet? If you haven't, we have a lot of great deals making your getaway even more affordable. Condos are a great way to have a romantic getaway with their great locations and amenities! There is nothing like waking up seaside with your loved one, so call us today at 910-278-1147 to make your romantic getaway dreams come true! 

10 Reasons the Beach is the Perfect Place for a Romantic Getaway

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